Neck assembly device for crt



(57)【要約】 【課題】 ねじや溶着材を不要とし、また、組立工具も 用いることなく回路基板の取り付け作業が行え、組立工 数の削減ができるCRT用ネックアセンブリ装置を提供 すること。 【解決手段】 主板部1のコイルに給電するための回路 基板14が取り付けられたCRT用ネックアセンブリ装 置であって、主板部1の両端部に設けたガイド片3にス ライド部材6をスライド可能に装着し、ロック用爪5と ロック用孔9との係止で所定位置にロックし、該スライ ド部材6と主板部1との間で回路基板14を挟みつけて 固定する構成にした。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To perform the fitting work without using an assembling tool, and to reduce the manhours of the assembly by pinching a circuit board with a locked slide member and a main plate part for fixing. SOLUTION: An insertion part 7a of a slide member 6 is inserted into a guide groove 4 of a guide piece 3 and slide upward so that a presser part 8 is raised to a position, in which the presser part 8 does not hinder the fitting of a circuit board 14. A hole 15 of the board 14 is engaged with a projection part 11, and a receptacle side connector 16 is connected to a pin side connector 13, and thereafter, when the member 6 is lowered, the member 6 is locked with a main plate part 1 at a position, in which a lock hole 9 coincides with a locking claw 5, and the downward movement of the member 6 is regulated, and at the same time, the presser part 8 presses the front surface of the board 14. Parallel directional movement of the board 14 in relation to the main plate 1 is regulated by engagement of the projection part 11 and the hole 15, and the forward and the backward movement can be regulated by the presser part 8 of the member 6. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO




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