Antenna guiding tube for communication equipment



(57)【要約】 【課題】移動式通信機器のアンテナガイド用チュ−ブ を、外来ノイズに対するシ−ルド効果や送信電磁波の使 用者の頭部等に対するシ−ルド効果をよく保証しつつプ ラスチック化して、摺動式アンテナの出し入れをスム− ズに行い得るようにする。 【解決手段】通信機器の筺体に取り付けられる摺動式ア ンテナガイド用チュ−ブであり、プラスチックチュ−ブ 1の外周面に金属箔21からなる電磁波シ−ルド層2 が、金属箔21とプラスチックチュ−ブ1との熱膨張収 縮率に基づく熱応力を軽減し得るように設けられてい る。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To smoothly load and unload an antenna while assuring the shielding effects by providing an electromagnetic shielding layer consisting of a metallic foil on the outer circumference surface of a plastic tube in a specific state. SOLUTION: An electromagnetic shielding layer 2 formed on the outer circumference surface of a plastic tube 1 made of fluororesin includes a composite film 20 of a metallic foil 21 and an adhesive film 22 and is unified with the tube 1 via the film 22. The foil 21 has a projecting/recessing part 210, so that the thermal stress due to the difference of thermal expansion contraction rates between the foil 21 and the tube 1 can be reduced. The foil 21 uses aluminum, etc., having <=10 deg.Ωcm volume resistivity, and the film 22 uses a hot melt film of a polyolefin group, for example. Thus it is possible to smoothly load and unload a sliding type antenna while assuring the shielding effects against the external noises, the head part of a user of the transmitting electromagnetic waves, etc.




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