Railway truck assembly, railway truck, and bearing adaptor



(57)【要約】 【課題】 鉄道台車アセンブリの軸受アダプタの回転変 位を防止して台車の反り剛性を増加する。 【解決手段】 サイドフレーム12の受台あご50はア ダプタをサイドフレーム12に固着する軸受アダプタ7 0を収容し、これにより受台あご開口部35内における あらゆる種類の運動を防止する。軸受アダプタ70を固 着することにより、台車10の車軸16はサイドフレー ム12に対し直角の状態が強制される。この直角の関係 を保持することにより、望ましくない台車ハンチング及 び高速不安定の原因となる車輪18の不整列を生じさせ る台車10の反りが大幅に削減される。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To increase bowing rigidity of truck by preventing the rotative displacement of bearing adapter of a railway truck and maintaining each axle shaft end approximately normal to respective side frame, by providing a fixing means for fixing each bearing adaptor into each receiving jaw opening. SOLUTION: A whole truck 10 comprises a pair of left and right side frames 12 disposed approximately in parallel and separated laterally, and mounts between both side frames 12 to leading and trailing wheel sets. Each wheel sets has an axle integrated to the wheel, each axle is supported to the side frames 12 through a bearing assembly 25. Thus at the end of the side frame 12, a receiving jaw 50 is provided forming the receiving jaw opening 35 with the roof 30 of the receiving jaw, and front and rear wall 28, 29, the bearing adaptor 70 supporting the bearing assembly 25 is accepted to the opening 35. This bearing adaptor 70 is retained approximately in the center in the opening 35 by opposing thrust protrusions 36, 38.




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