Variable flame port burner



(57)【要約】 【目的】 ターンダウン比の大きいガスバーナを提供す る。 【構成】 リングバーナの本体1の内周壁に炎孔2を設 けた内向き炎バーナにおいて、上記炎孔2を軸方向に長 いスリット状あるいは複数段に形成し、筒状乃至円板状 の遮蔽部材3をバーナ本体1の内周面に摺動自在に嵌挿 すると共に、遮蔽部材3を軸方向に移動操作する手段4 を備えて、この遮蔽部材3により炎孔の面積を変化せし めた。 【効果】 炎孔面積を複数段あるいは連続的に可変にし たので、燃焼量を広い範囲で変化させても火炎のリフト やバックファイアを防止できる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a gas burner having a large turn-down ratio. SOLUTION: An inward flame burner is provided with flame ports 2 on the inner peripheral wall of the main body 1 of a ring burner and the flame ports 2 are formed so as to have a slit type shape, long in the axial direction thereof, or formed in a plurality of stages while a tubular or disc type shielding member 3 is fitted into the main body 1 of the burner so as to be slidable on the inner peripheral surface of the main body 1 and a means 4 for operating the shielding member 3 to move the same into the axial direction thereof is provided to change the area of the flame ports by the movement of the shielding member 3. The area of flame ports is made variable continuously or in a plurality of stages in such a manner whereby the lift of flame or backfire can be prevented even when the amount of combustion is changed within a wide range. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO




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