High-tension cable device



PURPOSE: To always monitor combustion state of fuel to eliminate troubles in operation by arranging a conductive electrode in a dielectric insulation cover surrounding a high-tension cable to form a sensor part, and forming a connector having a voltage detecting terminal in the electrode. CONSTITUTION: A cylindrical conductive electrode 4a surrounding a high-tension cable 1 within an insulating housing 3 is formed, and a detecting part 4 is constituted together with a dielectric insulating cover layer. A voltage detecting terminal 5a is arranged within a connector 5 connected to the end part of the conductive electrode 4a, and an earth electrode 5b is arranged in parallel to the voltage detecting terminal 5a. The conductive electrode 4a acts as a sensor detecting variation of the charge voltage of an earth terminal 5. The combined capacitance of the voltage detecting terminal 5a and the earth terminal 5b is preferable to be in the range of about 500-3000 times the capacitance between the conductor of the high-tension cable 1 and the electrode 4a. The detecting part 4 is preferable to be set within the insulating housing of an ignition plug cap.
(57)【要約】 【目的】点火プラグの作動や安全上の問題がなく、燃料 の燃焼状態を検出するために点火プラグの充電電圧を検 知する高電圧ピックアップ用センサを備えた高圧ケーブ ル装置を提供する。 【構成】本発明は、高圧ケーブルの誘電性絶縁被覆の外 側を囲む導電性電極を備えた検知部と、該電極に接続さ れた電圧検知端子を備えたコネクタとを設けた高圧ケー ブル装置であり、前記のコネクタが、好ましくは高圧ケ ーブルの導電体と電圧検知端子との間の静電容量の50 0〜3000倍の結合容量で電圧検知端子と結合したア ース端子を備えていることが望ましく、かかる検知部は 点火プラグキャップの絶縁性ハウジング内か、あるいは 点火プラグキャップと電源接続端子とを結ぶ高圧ケーブ ル部分に設けることが好ましい。




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