Lithium battery



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a battery having excellent discharging performance and the excellent changing and discharging cycle performance by arranging polylinyl pyridine layer, which contains the electrolyte, on the surface of active material grains, and filling a clearance between the grains with solid electrolyte or gel electrolyte so as to manufacture an electrode. SOLUTION: In a lithium battery having a negative electrode made of the material, which can store and discharge lithium, an electrode is formed by adding the electrolyte solution of polyvinyl pyridine to the active material for kneading so as to form a polyvinyl pyridine layer on the surface of the active material grains, and thereafter, adding the high molecular solid electrolyte or the gel electrolyte for kneading, and coating it on a collector. With this structure, a clearance between the grains is filled with the high molecular solid electrolyte or the gel electrolyte so as to form a solid electrode. The polyvinyl pyridine layer has the excellent wettability in relation to the grains and the high binding performance. Since an electrode can be formed by only mixing the active material grains and the solution of polyvinyl pyridine, drying of the solvent is unnecessary. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【目的】 放電性能、充放電サイクル性能に優れ、かつ 乾燥工程が不要で、電池の製造工程が簡単なリチウム電 池を提供することを目的とする。 【構成】 負極がリチウムを吸蔵放出可能な物質から成 るリチウム電池に於いて、正極及び負極の中で少くとも 負極の活物質粒子又は活物質と導電剤の混合物の粒子表 面に電解質を含むポリビニルピリジン樹脂の層を有し、 該粒子間の空隙に固体電解質又はゲル状電解質が充填さ れたリチウム電池とすることで、上記目的を達成でき る。




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