Braille duplicating device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prepare a copy of a braille document by receiving a light from an oblique direction using an image photographing means, then obtaining a pattern image on the braille document with the help of a pattern image producing means based on a variable density image obtained by the image photographing means, and demarcating an image using a braille image demarcating means, and further, creating the braille document through the production of a braille code. SOLUTION: A light is emitted to a braille document 10 from an upper oblique direction by a light emitting part 11, and a light reflected from the braille document is received a charge coupled diode camera 14 through a mirror 12 and a lens 13. A video signal generated by the CCD camera 14 is stored in image memory 42 from an image loading part 41. This image data is stored in the image memory 42 from a process part for eliminating an unevenness in brightness, then a projecting point and a recessed point are extracted by a first and a second filter processing part 61, 62 respectively at a binarized braille image producing part (means for producing a pattern image) 44, and finally the braille image data is sent to a binarization part 63 and an expansion processing part 64. After that, a segment in position information storing memory 46 is demarcated by a demarcating part 45 and then is sent to a braille printer through a braille/code conversion part 47, code storage memory and an output processing part 51 in that order. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 この発明は、点字文書の点字を読み取って自 動的に認識し、この認識結果に基づいて、点字文書の複 製を作成する点字複写装置を提供することを目的とす る。 【解決手段】 点字複写装置において、点字文書表面に 斜め方向から光を照射し、その反射光を受光することに より、濃淡画像を得る撮像手段14、撮像手段14によ って得られた濃淡画像に基づいて、点字文書上の凸点の パターン画像を得るパターン画像生成手段44、凸点の パターン画像から、点字単位ごとに画像を切り出す点字 画像切り出し手段45、切り出された点字単位の画像ご とに、点字コードを生成する点字/コード変換手段4 7、および生成された点字コードに基づいて、点字文書 を作成する点字文書作成手段3を備えている。




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