Focus detector and optical instrument using the same



(57)【要約】 【課題】 撮影画面又は観察画面上の広い範囲に渡り2 次元的、連続的に複数の領域で焦点検出を可能とする焦 点検出装置及びそれを用いた光学機器を得ること。 【解決手段】 対物レンズの像面側に設けた光学手段に より該対物レンズの瞳の分離した複数の異なる領域を通 過した光束を用いて被写体像に関する複数の光量分布を 形成し、該複数の光量分布の相対的な位置関係を複数の 素子より成る光電変換素子により求め、該光電変換素子 からの信号を用いて該対物レンズの合焦状態を撮影視野 内の1つ又は複数の領域において求める際、該光学手段 は該対物レンズからの光束を反射させて所定面上に被写 体像を形成する集光性の反射鏡Mと、該所定面上に形成 された被写体像を該光電変換素子面上に再結像する2次 結像系を有し、該反射鏡Mは回転対称軸を有しない反射 面より構成していること。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a focus detector capable of two dimensionally and continuously detecting a focus in plural areas over a wide range on a photographic screen and an observation screen, and to obtain an optical instrument using the focus detector. SOLUTION: Plural light quantity distributions as to a subject image are formed by using a luminous flux passing through plural different areas separated in the pupil of the objective lens 101 by optical means 4 to 9 installed on the image plane side of the objective lens 101, and the relative positional relation of plural light quantity distributions is obtained by a photoelectric transducing element 11 constituted of plural elements. And, in the case of obtaining the focusing state in one or plural areas in a photographic visual field by using a signal from the photoelectric conversion element 11, the optical means 4 to 9 are provided with a condensing reflection mirror 4 for reflecting the luminous flux from the objective lens 101 so as to form the subject image on a prescribed plane, and a secondary image forming system 9 for forming the subject image formed on the prescribed plane on the surface of the photoelectric transducing element 11 again, and the reflection mirror 4 is constituted of a reflection plane with no rotation symmetrical axis.




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