Three-dimensional image data generating method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To actualize a three-dimensional image of high quality with a small number of polygons by performing a rendering process to a state of sticking color image data inside a three-dimensional polygon solid. SOLUTION: A photographic image PP is read as a color image, whose color image data are recorded and outputted as a color image with the prescribed magnification; and ≥1 equal-distance outline originating from a frame line and the center point P of the photograph as to the enlarged color image is copied to sheets of paper, a prescribed number of radial section lines originating from the center point P are drawn on the sheets of paper, and an image in the sheets of paper on which the mesh image is drawn is read. Distance information on the outline is added to the mesh image data to form three- dimensional polygon solid data, to which the color image data are applied; and the three-dimensional polygon solid is rendered to a state of sticking the color image data inside the three-dimensional polygon solid to obtain three- dimensional image data. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 少ないポリゴン数で高品質な三次元立体画像 を実現できる三次元画像データ作成方法を提供すること を目的としている。 【解決手段】 非常に少ないポリゴン数で、非常に精細 な三次元画像データを表現することができるので、完成 するまでに必要な作業の手間とコンピュータ能力を大幅 に低減することができるという効果を得る。




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