Remote controller for on-vehicle multi-axis video camera equipment



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To surely pick up an image of an outside scene from a vehicle even when it is driving for example by providing a swollen part to both ends of the controller of a rectangular plate shape for a video camera and providing a direction switch and a zoom switch to the plate or the swollen part. SOLUTION: A lengthwise support 1 raised and fixed by a bolt or a fix means is provided to a seat rail 4 of a rear seat 3 of a vehicle 2 and a horizontal base plate 6 is provided to the support 1 while being extended from the midposition in the lengthwise direction of the support 1 toward a front seat 5. A video camera 10 is placed on the base 6 via an elastic plate 7 made of an elastic member, a plate 8 and a drive section 9. A swing mechanism of a support 11 of the camera 10 is built in the drive section 9. Since the video camera 10 is supported very stably by the support 1 and the support member 15, an external scene is stably picked up from the camera 10 via a front window of the vehicle 1 without a camera-shake and a remote control section 20 or 21 is used to control various motions of the camera 10 freely.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 従来の車内で用いるビデオカメラは、手で保 持するか又は簡単な台でビデオカメラを保持するように していたため、ビデオカメラのぶれが発生すると共に、 リモートコントロールを用いることが困難であった。 【解決手段】 本発明による車載用複軸ビデオカメラ装 置用リモートコントローラは、全体形状が長方形の板状 又は長手形状で両端に膨大部(21A,21B)を有し、この板 状又は膨大部(21A,21B)に方向スイッチ(20b,21b)とズー ムスイッチ(20c)を備え、片手でビデオカメラ(10)の操 作を行うことができる構成である。




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